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link antique refinishers  

Antique Refinishers, Inc

Furniture Restoration business in San Diego, where Old Brown Glue, The Liquid Hide Glue, was developped.

Edwards and Lejeune are also traditional furniture makers

ASFM link  

American School of French Marquetry

School of Marquetry directed by Kristen Arrivee.

Marquetry teachers : W.Patrick Edwards and Patrice Lejeune

Art teacher : Kristen arrivee

patrick edwards blog  

W.Patrick Edwards' Blog

Patrick published in a succesful blog.

He writes about glue, but also marquetry, phylosophy in his work, cabinet making, antique repairs, and other various subjects related to his trade

patrice lejeune link  

Patrice Lejeune

Patrick and Patrice have been partner since 2006 on heigh-end marquetry creations and furniture conservation and restoration projects

Patrice Lejeune's creation with veneer.

Furniture conservation and Restoration in Los Angeles


Other distributors

lee valley link  

Lee Valley

Lee Valley is also carrying Old Brown Glue.

tools for working wood link  

Tools For Working Wood

Tools For Working Wood is also carrying Old Brown Glue.


highland woodworking link  

Highland Hardware

Highland Hardware is also carrying Old Brown Glue.

woodcraft atlanta link  

Woodcraft Supply Store

Order online or go to your nearest store

Vesper Tools

Vesper Tools Australia

Vesper Tools carries Old Brown Glue in Australia.

 Workshop Heaven

Workshop Heaven

Workshop Heaven carries Old Brown Glue in England.

Rubank Verktygs Ab

Rubank Verktygs Ab

Old Brown Glue is in Sweden.


Dieter Schmid Werzeuge Gmbh

Old Brown Glue is in Germany


Dictum Gmbh

More than Glue

Old Brown Glue is in Germany